Mom (Dad) I Loved You My Whole Life


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  1. Posted by bwbreeder, — Reply

    My momma died exactly 1 month ago. I and my sisters have 15 children among us. the first missing mom day is supposed the be the most difficult, I cannot imagine ever feeling the same. We were Blessed. BTW my dad is truly the one missing his wife of 65 years.😢

  2. Posted by hannah_lalonde, — Reply

    My mom loved it, she had the biggest smile on her face best Mother's Day gift ever!

  3. Posted by reaganleewisdom, — Reply

    My grandparents loved it but I replaced MOM with NANA or GRANDMOTHER.😍💞

  4. Posted by jlanspery66, — Reply

    Very nice I want to do that now for Mother's Day on Sunday

  5. Posted by 1lauraquigley1, — Reply

    Loved it!

  6. Posted by p3sen, — Reply

    my mom was so happy when she got it

  7. Posted by abwithnell01, — Reply

    So cute!

  8. Posted by kidosmom, — Reply

    Now that brings tears to my eyes.

  9. Posted by mollyod1005, — Reply

    Really good idea for Mother's Day

  10. Posted by kimilyaamon, — Reply

    it makes my mom cry

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